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Service Range

We believe that the service standard is essential to our business, which relies on the quality of the automobile glass, the quality of our professional skill and also the services. We have stringent policy and quality control on the automobile glass sourcing and also the supply of vehicle glass repairs and replacement services. Xinyi Hong Kong has been committed to offering excellent vehicle glass to ensure that customers can enjoy the fun of driving in a relaxing way. Besides, our motorcade team also provide efficient and reliable service to customers, it greatly reduced the maintenance their traveling time to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness.

Glass Sales
Xinyi Hong Kong imported different types of OEM and Xinyi Glass’and other supplies in order to meet the needs of different drivers.
Professional Installation
Our service team with well-trained technicians and 20 years’ experience in automobile glass repair and installation, made us become one of ther leading companies within the industry. Moreover, when the customer makes the appointment, our technicians will also provide on-site service as requested.
Glass Repair
Xinyi Hong Kong has glass repair service and is capable to repair various kinds of automobile glass cracks and holes through the advanced equipment and apparatus.
Glass Cutting
We can cut the flat glass into the size that is specially requested by our customers.