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Product Range

Nowadays, customers or drivers concern more about the quality and the protection function of the vehicle glass, Xinyi Hong Kong will continue to source high-quality glass and provide more choices for our valued customers.

Laminated Glass - Laminated Glass is a finished product manufactured by placing one or multi-layers of PVB interlayer between two or multi-layer of glass.
Automobile Tempered Glass - Automobile tempered glass is produced by heating float glass to its softening point, and then cooled quickly to produce desirable surface compression on the glass surface with induced tensile stress within the glass substrate in order to enhance the strength.
Heated Laminated Glass - Ultra thin tungsten wires are incorporated into the PVB interlayer of the laminated glass.
Special Tempered Glass with Antenna Capacity - This specialty product is capable of receiving signals from GPS.TV.HCD.FM and AM frequencies, in addition to its ordinary heating capability.
Solar-X Solar Reflective Auto Glass - Solar-X auto glass is a proprietary product developed by Xinyi Glass itself. It is based on innovative coating technology that applies a special coating onto the glass surface, which can effectively reduce solar radiation.
Water Repelling Glass - By application of nanotechnology, the glass is coated with a hydrophobic layer.